Hello! I’m yolanda rooney.

After training privately for years, I decided that safe and effective fitness programs should be more accessible to everyone.

That’s when I began creating programs that were as effective as in-studio workouts, but that required little to no equipment and could be done in small spaces like a hotel room or living room. I wanted to make these workouts available to everyone at an affordable price that my clients could access on the go.

Knowing that workouts are only one piece of the wellness puzzle, I also began writing simple, delicious meal plans that support overall wellness and accelerate results when combined with the workouts.

And that’s how Strong Calm Sexy was born! I created a platform that made all of this content available in one convenient space that could be accessed anywhere, anytime.


Raised as a gym rat from an early age, I shaped my fitness style as a fusion of time spent weight training with my dad and studying a variety of dance disciplines. In my thirties, I competed and placed in NPC body building competitions in the figure category.


Since beginning my personal training career, I have earned numerous certifications in both yoga and fitness training. I have also studied nutrition and participated on nutrition book launch teams under various dietitians.

Within the past few years, I’ve developed several new styles of training including a barre-inspired workout called Swan Fit, and most recently, the launch of my new studio, Tiger Yoga.

I’m most proud of the design and benefits of Tiger Yoga because it’s a fusion of the most important elements of fitness: intense cardio bursts, core and strength circuits, and active recovery after every workout. This style of training is highly effective and benefits every type of athlete. I use these principles in all of my workout designs.


I want you to know that exercise and nutrition don't have to be extreme or limit your enjoyment of life. Eating should be an enjoyable experience. And exercise isn't a form of punishment!


Regardless of where you are in your journey, embrace where you're at, but love yourself enough to challenge your body and make a change.